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Friday, July 13, 2001
01:07 a.m.

If I am looked for...

Fanfiction panel, I guess. Stalking Angel Sanctuary cosplayers and Weiss Kreuz ficauthors with camera in hand. Wandering around dealer room. Wandering around in general. Watching lots of anime.

I *may* get net access. Then again, I may not. XD At any rate, I shall have my trusty travel-edition notebook with me, and who knows? I might even get some writing done.

Final notes. Tenshi: what you obviously need is 50% of my mother. (That would be the woman who - and I love her dearly - who, if you use a pencil eraser in the house and sweep the bits onto the floor, throws a fit and then picks them all up individually with a piece of masking tape.) Conversely, I could do with 50% of yours. You know how it goes "endless pure white" in Weiss Kreuz? That's my house, and I don't mean spiritually. It's a museum. My friends come once and never return, because they're too afraid of getting fingerprints on the furnishings. ^^;

Killvern, if you read this - an you be stuck on a Chinese browser, you go read shounen-ai martial-arts novels online, girl! That's what the demmed Chinese reader be for! ^_^

Thursday, July 12, 2001
03:43 a.m.

On layouts and music

Finally completed the new version of the EDP site (link above). Phew... I'm already sick of the weblog layout - because I have to look at it so often - so I'll be crafting another when I return. ^^; Luckily, the Fantasia festival schedule has already provided me with the perfect image. ^_^ (They printed it on glossy this year - sure sign that we're mainstream.) It will, I suspect, strike people as being a little more *moi*.

And NnY is up for another layout. Again. Shinjirarenai... X.x The rota says YamiEi, I just don't know who it's going to be. Hisoka? Tsuzuki? Tatsumi? Maybe I'll put all of them. That's what I did with AS, the last series for which I couldn't decide. XD

Changed the MP3s. To the people who want the Noir MP3, wherever the heck you're coming from: the links on the archived pages still work. All of them. For the moment. I'll be taking down the older ones when I get back, though.

Wednesday, July 11, 2001
10:08 p.m.

In my quest not to spoiler, I will now talk about...

Someone at Square co. has a leather glove fetish. o.o I stayed in the theatre until all the credits had rolled, trying to determine where the chain of command in character design led - and there are a *lot* of credits. Once you see the number of names on the team roster, you understand where all the money went... This meant that I sat through both ending songs. The first was by Lara Fabian, who (though she has sizeable international presence) I think of as being a Quebec pop-artist. The second - was by L'Arc-en-Ciel. So there I sat in a mainstream summer movie, listening to Lara and Laruku, both in English one after the other. It was... weird. Like when the kids in the talent show at my sister's high school did X Japan. Multicultural. But weird.

Not, when you get right down to it, that spoilers are much of a problem for this movie. It was so predictable it hurt, and I don't think my reaction would have been very different if I *hadn't* heard the trademark planetary-energy spiel I hesitate to say how many times before. -_- One thing I will and always have given Fushigi Yuugi: it bucked the Star Wars standard and told us blue was evil and red was good. That, I like.

I wasn't expecting Henry James, mind you, so that's not even the part that bothered me. What made me twitch were the graphics. They're terribly impressive on a technical level, but ho-hum artistically - grey and bleak, like they crossed D-district Prison with Midgar and then bled all the colour from *that*. I know exactly which texture mapping and motion capture issues are responsible - how hard it would be to pick out all the feathers on a running chocobo, et cetera ad nauseam - but I felt strongly that I was *never* going to see anything so lovely as a tree. ^^; The characters match their surroundings in depressing severity. It's a good geek exercise, in the end - let's see how close we can get it to real - but fundamentally misguided. The point of CG isn't to replicate reality. The point of CG is to take what isn't and can't be real - exploding spacecraft, overhead crowd scenes in Atlantis, evil bishounen with five feet worth of silver waterfall hair - and make them *look* real. Like I told my sister: if they'd CG-ed Sephiroth that good, you'd go see it and you'd go see it thrice, and to hell with the plot. ^_^; As it is, it's a little hard for me to muster enthusiasm over rocky debris in the desert looking like... rocky debris in the desert.

Two days to Shoujocon! I'd pray to my sister's Supreme Gods for a fair journey, but that would be voodoo. ^^; (Online shrines are all very well and good, but when you make figurines of your favorite VG characters out of clay and pipe cleaners and then *ask them for favours*... @_@

And somehow the PDT told her she *wasn't* schizotypal.)

Wednesday, July 11, 2001
06:45 a.m.

Update! Update!

I've finally moved Tomodachi over to kekkai, with a new layout. (Ed and Ein, inspired by the DMX Crew remix of "Cats on Mars". *^_^*) Have a look:


If you've never been, my gen-creative site contains all sorts of eclectic miscellaneousness, such as the Rurouni Kenshin Kyoto Arc Drinking Game, a painting of Ayanami Rei in deshabillé - and my Crossover Fanfic Vortex of Doom. (RK/YYH/FY/CCD/possibly WK, in order of appearence. No sex, all eyeballs are safe. :P) I may even produce more, now that I can look at the thing again without twitching in shame.

(Oh, and fixed the broken links on the main EDP site.)

Tuesday, July 10, 2001
10:28 p.m.

On the subject of my sanity

The Personality Disorder Test clears me except on the counts of Antisocial, Histrionic and Narcissistic, in which I scored alarming highs. XD I was a little surprised at Histrionic: I didn't think I exaggerated quite *that* much in everyday conversation, just, er, poetic license - after all I write *stories* - and how does one go about being histrionic *and* antisocial anyway? ^^; But further reading indicates to me that 'antisocial' in strict psychiatric parlance means what I mean when I say 'mildly sociopathic'. Which is not incorrect, I suppose. ^^;; I'm... not too strong on the conscience front. I won't incriminate myself - you never know when representatives from Indigo Books, Wal-Mart and their ilk will come a-googling, aha - but I do forget to *care* about people, and that is not a nice thing. There are reasons why Schu likes it so much in here. And as for Narcissistic - well. Well, *duh*. ^_^

Back to new layouts. Re-read myself - geez, maybe Histrionic is on the dot after all.

Tuesday, July 10, 2001
02:27 a.m.

Nemui yo...

Lu-chan, if you are reading this: it so happens that Uematsu-sama did *not* provide the music for the movie. >_< All the same, I feel a little better about it after reading the blurb in the Fantasia booklet; there is an echo of familiarity, of Final-Fantasy-ness about it somehow... and as for the rest, well, we shall see on Wednesday, shan't we? ^^; I mean, Donald Sutherland is Cid. It could be worse. I just wish that they hadn't made the main girl so... mousy... as my sister pointed out, she has the body language of Agent Scully, so why not go ahead and give her red hair or some other striking feature?

Don't kill me. I know I promised fic, but last night I realized that Crawford is *my* age in the first scene of tBD - and Schu is the age of the brats in my sister's class. XP Not that anything happens, but... *yuck.* So I downed a double Manhattan-and-tonic for nerves and skipped to one of the sex scenes in the second half. (I know she reads this thing. Shouldn't I be more inhibited somehow? I've given my sister an odd education in this respect - she knows and watches original m/m of the PG13 variety, but we have not had the Fan Yaoi Talk yet, the prospect of which makes me feel very, very squeamish for some reason. Probably because it's tantamount to admitting the sin... of screwing around with canon. But I digress.)

So after I cleared that scene I did a count, and...

I have four more 18+ smut scenes to go.

And three more implied ones.

(My RL friends/readers know there's a section of this fic wherein they spend two months sequestered in a hotel room. Mostly I just sort of... replay that part of the tape... when I'm trying not to think about how depressing it becomes near the end, but I'll keep to the stuff that has psychological relevancy in the finished product, I promise.)

As one of my good friends (male) said today when I told him this: fifteen more pages is not going to cut it. ;_;

So basically I got scared and ran away. ^^;;; (Said male friend, who has rather good taste in erotica, also dared me to write him original m/f. I've never tried tailoring a story for one guy, although I've done it for girls. Should be an interesting exercise.) But I have some momentum on tBD, so I'll try to finish up another post before I make my sjcon run. Speaking of which - if you wanna see me, better mail me! ^_^ I'll be posting a message on Shioul to that effect tomorrow.

Joy: I, too, have seen the new Harry Potter trailer - my sister and I high-5'd each other at the end. :D (It's nice to know that *sometimes* they may not screw up one's belovèd novels in adaptation. If it's as good as the "Much Ado About Nothing" movie I will be content, but that's a high standard to emulate.)

D: Thankee for that link, it was... precious. ^^; (I remember saying to myself as I wrote that entry, "I'd give YoujixAllen as an example, but I don't think anyone would ever write that." Serves me right for assuming.)

And lastly: the dead onmyouji fic, thanks to Mari and Thea. ^_^ (Although I note, now that I see it, that it's Seishirou who sells it to Fuuma...) All those likely to concern themselves have read it already, I suppose, but this is just to prove to the people who haven't that I'm not insane. Another scrap of evidence in a very long trial...

Monday, July 9, 2001
12:57 a.m.

Reflect, repent, reboot

Computer haikus courtesy of Erin. Remember:

Yesterday it worked
Today it is not working
Windows is like that

Thought: these are very much like diary entries. (Dumbass. They *are* diary entries, that's the purpose.) But they're a *public* diary, in the spiritual vein of Samuel Pepys – an art that's fallen out of fashion. And that, I suppose, is why they have a literary spark where my real diaries have always been stiff and lifeless. I pander after audiences, and take comfort simultaneously in Robertson Davies' maxim that modern man may live not only in his own century, but in all past centuries at once.

It's nearly time again for Sabina's favorite summer game: confounding the doormen at the Fantasia filmfest! ^_^ I have the obfuscation down to an art, although I usually do stand in line to buy advance tickets for the showings I want to make sure of. They're showing "Boogiepop Phantom" this year, for instance. And there's a new Takashi Miike act of cultural terrorism – a new Satoshi Kon anime – a S/M documentary by the director of "Ring" – and Gigi Leung plays a hit-woman in one of the Hong Kong triad films...

I love Fantasia. The best part of the summer at five loonies a ticket. The venue is the gorgeous red-curtained gold-trimmed Imperial, the only opera-house movie theater left in town; the crowd is comprised entirely of geeks, freaks and otaku. There are traditions: explicit sex draws cheers, graphic torture gets laughs, Bill the microphone guy is always met with applause. My mom hates it; my dad secretly loves it. I mean, here's an extremely typical film:

"A huge comet crashes in the center of Japan, unleashing a wave of flesh-eating zombie aliens from outer space! In another part of town, punk rockers Guitar Wolf are pointing guns at a lecherous club owner, who's got his own goons pointing guns right back at the band. This potentially lethal contractual dispute is diffused by the appearance of Ace, a rabid Guitar Wolf fan who barges in and saves lives in the name of rock and roll, getting a bit messed up in the process. The front man gives thanks by slashing his arm open and mingling his blood with Ace's. He then hands him a whistle and tells him to blow into it if he's ever in trouble, promising to hear his call. Needless to say, Ace will soon find himself in one hell of a lot of trouble indeed, as his path crosses with the cannibalistic alien dead, deadly Yakuza thugs, UFO watching losers and, most wracking of all, true love. ROCK AND ROLL!!!!!!!!!"

Or something like this:

"The story is set around a young couple in contemporary Korea. Yoon-ju (Lee Sung-jae) is trying to find a position as a university professor while taking care of the housework; his wife is pregnant with a job to keep, but seemingly unbothered by it. Yoon-ju wakes up to the sound of a barking dog, which annoys him to the point of obsession. Finally he rids the dog from the owner’s sight, meanwhile finding out that the apartment’s security guard is a dog-meat lover. Another protagonist, Hyun-nam (Bae Doo-na), is a naïve-looking clerk at the village hall who spots a man killing the dog from afar. She chases the killer but quickly loses sight of him. She now only remembers the color of the shirt on the killer’s back. Rumours that dogs are disappearing now do their rounds in the neighborhood. Yoon-ju’s wife is fired because her baby is due soon. Yoon-ju, however, now has bribe money from his wife’s severance pay. But he must resolve a problem before delivering his bribe to a dean of the university: the whereabouts of a special dog named ‘Soon-yi’. Yoon-ju and Hyun-nam meet again in order to find the dog..."

Or this (the new Takashi Miike flick, which explains all):

"A Japanese family is having a few problems co-existing in peace and harmony. The son is a victim of bullying and harassment in school and elsewhere . . . Aggressive at home, he takes out his frustrations every night on his poor mother that he beats relentlessly, whipping her without restraint or control, all while his victim repeatedly pleads that he doesn’t smack her face. In fact, the mother has problems of her own, being a junkie, finding her refuge in the hallucinogenic joy of heroin. The daughter is a prostitute, who amongst other things, sleeps with her father for the monetary equivalent of what might be considered pocket money. As for the father, he is a failed former television reporter, who is nonetheless trying to mount a documentary about violence among today’s youth. It is in this mindset, that he has sex with his daughter. He is also particularly obsessed with the idea of filming his son being sexually humiliated by his classmates. Suddenly, “Q”, a perfect stranger, comes out of nowhere, who after bashing rocks on the heads of our protagonists, forces himself into the heart of the family. He will only leave once chaos and violence are stirred up into a hurricane of liberating, perverse absurdity, that will in consequence bring the family closer than it ever was . . ."

I didn't realize until recently, though, that there is a sneaking-into-movie-theaters gene. I've been attending Saturday matinées with my parents lately, and ever since they figured out how lax the security was at the mall they've been cooking up elaborate plots to hide in the bathroom between showings of different movies etc. We could've snuck into the new Jet Li film yesterday if it weren't screening closest to the doormen, so instead we ended up watching the end of "Dr. Doolittle 2"... The film we paid to see was "A.I." ^^; I found Spielberg films creepy, as a child. Liked them better as I grew older. Kubrick films are sometimes boring, sometimes unsettling; as a rule thought-provoking and memorable. "A.I." was compelling, thought-provoking, and *extremely* creepy and unsettling. I'm hesitant to call it a recommend. I didn't *like* it: I cried all through, out of horror not sadness, it was gut-wrenching and unpleasant. I'm going to remember it, and I'll probably go out of my way to avoid seeing it again.

I'm going to have to mail Jean D. To say... what? That I think we think scarily alike, despite the fact that our stories are vastly different? ^^; That we latch onto the same undercurrents and ride them in different directions? Maybe I should just send her more fanart. People always like fanart. _o_

According to D, people *do* get my site through searches. I didn't think they did. ^^; I know that I sometimes get hits for Trigun MP3s (!) on the blog, which makes me feel guilty in a diffuse sort of way for not having them.

Speaking of the kekkai blog - ladies, the *real* game is Seiyuu Incest. *eeg* (AMLA-defined as crossover slash between the roles of a single seiyuu. In certain cases, such as Ogata Megumi, you can even write het. Go on; go *on*. Drop Duo and Legato into bed. Drop Schuldich and Tamahome. Drop... drop Juri and Misato. And tell me that's not a pretty picture, BTW.)

Keep tuned - there's supposed to be fanfic going up here tonight/this morning, Deo volente.

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