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Indulgences: Obscure novels, fics written and read, mp3s, sleeping at odd hours of the day, mooching food off friends

Horoscope: Pisces ascendant Venus + Caged Rooster = nasty chimera-type critter

Fave anime series: Shoujo Kakumei Utena, Cowboy Bebop, Rurouni Kenshin, Slayers, Berserk, Gundam Wing, Card Captor Sakura, CLAMP Gakuen Tanteidan

Fave anime movies: Perfect Blue, Ghost in the Shell, Endless Waltz, Yuu Yuu Hakusho #2, shin Vampire Hunter D (mita mita! ^_^)

Fave mangas: Angel Sanctuary, Blade of the Immortal, Fushigi Yuugi, Slam Dunk, Zetsuai

Currently watching: SKU (the end of), Berserk (ditto), still wrapping up GTO

Fave Japanese music: Guniw Tools, Utada Hikaru, Gackt, Fantastic Plastic Machine, anything involving Yoko Kanno or Nobuo Uematsu or Tetsuya Komuro

Fave NA music: Bran Van 3000, Garbage, Cibo Matto, The Tea Party, Melissa Etheridge

Currently listening: the tracks I'm compiling for a Christmas-themed anime/Jpop CD. ^_^

Sasaki Yuko, "Pure Snow"
Tange Sakura etc. [CCS], "Yoru no Uta (Christmas concert version)"
Speed, "White Love Xmas"
Misty Eyes [GW], "Snow Planet"
DEEN, "Eien o Azuretekure"
DoCo [Ranma], "Kiyoku Tadashii Christmas"
Peach Hips [SM], "Silent Night"
T.M.R., "Burnin' X'mas"

...And more! Yes, I'm encouraging you to make your own. ^_^

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Sunday, December 17, 2000
03:52 a.m.

Tonikaku, a recommendation

I kind of feel obliged to add this... The day before yesterday Tan-chan sent me 200k worth of Weissfic in a .zip file that turned out to have the same spacey effect on me as it did on her: read for 3 hours -> draw fanart -> read for 3 more hours. So I begged the archival link from her, for the edification of my visitors. -->Psychodelic Asylum

The fic itself is by one Jean D., called (globally) "Dysfunctional Series" - which is as much truth in advertising as you're likely to see in your life. ^_^ I *can't* use the word 'trashy' to describe it, because the negative connotations of that word don't convey the fic's inherent brilliance. ...You've all encountered fic writers who hijack a series and turn it into a personal ego trip; this writer hijacked a series and turned it into a personal *id* trip. I keep on saying this about novels or fics nowadays, but the energy of her vision overrode whatever faults there are in her writing (and they were myriad at first). I like her fic simply because WK itself had the potential to be something very like it, if it hadn't copped out on most of the hard, interesting issues it raised. Well, yet another reason to like the fanfiction better than the show itself. Weiss isn't one of my favorites... ^^;

(Nota Bene. If it isn't apparent from the above, this fic should carry warnings for graphic sex, even more graphic violence, implied shota, blow-your-mind pairings and *lack* of angst in the Reservoir Dogs sense. It doesn't carry'em; I suspect because the site maintainer doesn't believe in'em, all power to her. I have EXTREMELY little patience for so-called "squicks". The way I see it, one should note down with interest what squicks one, in order that one may analyze it later for possible self-revelation. Then one should work very hard on *getting over it* so one can read the story for its merits. ^_^ One should definitely not be so brain-dead as to actually whine that one was tricked into reading a Death Fic or an Incest Fic or a Shota Fic by the lack of warnings. Dear gods, we should all be grateful some of these stories still get emotional rises out of us, or we'd all be sitting at our computer screens jaded and clicking about. "Yet more hot sex with boys... again...")

Saturday, December 16, 2000
12:40 a.m.

For my sins

I'm - sort of - writing. On commission. With a deadline. For a new fandom. The constraints I'm working with make me go ^^; just thinking about them, so I won't tell you what it is yet, just in case you don't get to see it until Xmas 2001 or something. ^^;; All bets are off when it comes to me and projected finish times, I'm sure anyone reading this is aware.

Exams to the despite, I've been completely and mysteriously blissed out for the past two weeks. Just, Happy! Holiday! Spirit! 2-For-1 Endorphin Blowout in the SabinaBrain... I keep on listening to Christmas music, but that's a symptom not the cause. I'm beyond wondering about it, though. ^_^

Wednesday, December 13, 2000
11:39 p.m.

A Brief Respite

Is it just me, or are the pop-up windows getting exponentially annoying? -_- If this keeps up I'm going to have to change servers... again. Damn. Spaceports is perfectly good on every other count, especially compared to the snail-like speeds of Xoom/NBCi.

Exam day before yesterday, and today. The first I failed miserably, the second I aced. Ah well - such is life. I have to make my usual round of Xmas gifts, though, so I went out and bought myself some art supplies. Ten bucks' worth of watercolour paper, enough to last me a year. And frisket! ^_^ I haven't used frisket for years. Not since I was junior high age. I'm looking forward to it.

(Frisket is rubber masking fluid, for the non-watercolourists. You paint over it and rub it off to reveal the layer underneath. Lots of fun effects.)

Monday, December 11, 2000
03:41 a.m.

Math exam tomorrow! o_o

It seems that people will actually sign the guestbook if I say so! @_@ Thank you... and thanks also to the people who mail with comments, who will be answered as is par. *^_^*

I've been giving some thought to what I should finish up next, and I've almost settled on a shortish (but ultimately crucial) side-story to tLoN that has the advantage of having been enqueued the longest: more than a year now. ^^; A YYH/RK crossover IOW, if you're not getting my shorthand. As with all my stories, the concept of it is off-the-wall, though it was always so intuitively obvious to me that I find it a wonder no one else has thought to write it yet. But then, no matter *how* much I procrastinate it doesn't seem as if anyone else is going to write "Rainshine" either, so... *sigh*

(I believe certain ideas float around in the Fanfic Ether, and latch on to whatever hospitable host brain they encounter. Wait long enough and eventually Cool Idea + Fave Author combo will result. :P)

On an unrelated note, FF9 is absolutely to *die* for. Of course I adore the worlds of FF7-8, but the same glossy, cyber-SF/noir elements I like the best made them lose the magical, favorite-childhood-book feel of FF6 and previous; like stepping inside a color-saturated Tolkien- or Lewis-universe. (Properly played, Terra's Theme can still bring tears to my eyes.) That part is all back, along with all the graphics they can muster on the PS. ^_^ Ureshii...

Friday, December 8, 2000
04:55 a.m.

Quickly, in passing

Ever read Robertson Davies? Ever? Run out and get the "Cornish Trilogy" now, I swear. It's freezing in Montreal - 20 Celsius below - but I had to sit in a freezing lecture hall for hours of evening tutorial. So to comfort myself, I skipped past the Paragraph Second Cup afterward and got myself a hazelnut coffee, a slice of tiramisu cake and a Davies book. Makes life worth living.

Finished some art tonight. I've got three weeks' worth of updates lined up now. ^_^ Updated the EDP main page layout, BTW... I was at the Aesthe fic archive today, looking at the contest submissions. As always the good, the bad, the tasteless and the excellent - except the representation of fandoms puzzles me. Leaving aside the 25% of GW stories (seems like more) and the seven or eight single-story fandoms, we have in order: 1) RK. Well, the numbers are inflated by the picture category, actually. ^_^; 2) TB (SxS). Err... it can't be the December Asuka made all these people come out of the woodwork, can it? 3) Weiss. I thought there'd be more, actually. 4) Utena (Touga x Saijonji, mostly). Once again, where did all these people come from? 5) FF7 tying FF8... I have a horrid mental image of all these girls who didn't bother with the first release going out and buying the Millennium Classic edition because it's a yaoi fandom going cheap... ^_^;; 6) Slayers. But I suspect it's all the same person. ^_^;;;

As for the rest, there's like no YYH or FY or ST or SM... all right, fine, say times have changed and I'll believe you, even though TB and FF7 are still up there apparently. But no Bakuretsu Hunters? No DBZ or Esca? No Xenogears when I see that every day of my life? *No* other CLAMPfic except SxS? What happened to the gazillion CCS fans, for cripes'sake? @_@ And *where* have you been all this time, you Utena ficcer people? *Why* did I not know about you?

Look, write me in the guestbook, will you? No one ever signs that thing anymore, and I *know* you're visiting because I have a counter. >_< Talk to me, people.

Thursday, December 7, 2000
12:05 a.m.

Kono yuki ga mai-oritekite machi de

Every year it's the same. It snows all through December, only to thaw out around the 20th, so that we very rarely have a White Christmas for all our trouble. >_< I'm a teensy grumpy, now, because my dad sold a bunch of his old charcoal sketches. I mean stuff he did back in the 70's; they've been in my house forever. I can't help thinking we don't *really* need the 4000$CAN. I mean, it's unreasonable of me and all, considering this is my dad's job for cripes'sake, but they're worth more to me than just money. Every once in a while I'm reminded of just how unusual my family is. I mean, how many of you have parents who pay the bills by selling off the stuff on the walls regularly? *thump* And I won't even know who gets them in the end this time, because they've gone to a gallery. Sending paintings to a gallery is like sending your cat's litter to a pet shop. ;_; And yes I know I only have the luxury of thinking this because my da does commissions most of the time, but still...

Kimetan'desu. I'm changing the EDP layout for Christmas, and the NoY one if I have time. This last will prolly just be a teeny special pic, though.

Wednesday, December 6, 2000
03:45 a.m.

Nasake nai, atashi-tachi!

I was conversing with a friend of mine when we realized that I get the exact same kick out of finishing a short story as she gets out of catching a man. @_@ At the end of the day, which of us is most pathetic, I wonder? Kashira...

Yes, I really am on that much of a high. I've been in a Totally Happy Place ever since I sent the demmed thing to Aesthe. (BTW I've *already* gotten mail about this(!), I sent in the Tasuki PWP as well because it was the only other thing I'd finished within the requisite time period, so it's been delinked from the fanfiction page. It'll be up again once the contest ends, no worry.) The funny thing is, now that the story is *done* the characters won't leave me alone. I had the same thing at the end of MitM: it's like they decided to stick around and throw a cast party. I've been filling the gap by reading as much FF7 yaoi as I could find. ^_^ bishonenink and dreamspace very obliging... when I started my story I thought that no one ever did ShinraFic except the Japanese who do everything anyway, and it turns out I was wrong. Thank goodness. In retrospect I should've given the fandom more credence, because FF7 is maybe the *only* big mainstream yaoi fandom that allows you to do office sex, and who can pass up good office sex? (Banishes sudden risqué images of Reno and Xerox machine - sorry. :P I've been drinking again. 1/4 cassis 1/4 red vermouth 1/2 gin: sweet and quick-acting, just the way I like it.)

Monday, December 4, 2000
12:28 p.m.

The weariness of dawn

Well. The weariness of noon, rather, except I've had 1 1/2 hours of sleep so cut me some slack. :P I finished the fic I've been working on... finally... was terribly giddy yesterday but it's worn off by now, thank goodness. I note with interest that the story's actually half again as long as the longest one-shot I'd even written before: obviously as a result of my incorporation of PLOT. It's weird, mixing my usual abstractly angstful stuff with a storyline lifted out of Raymond Chandler. I had the exact same reaction when I finished it as I had to "By The North Sea" - I re-read the end and went, "Good grief, this is *so* depressing!" - then burst into giggles because it was four in the morning and my social responses were out of whack.

Plus ça change, in other words. Do you know, I think we keep writing about the same thing over and over again whether we intend to or not? All my fics contain an element of voyeurism, if not an outright threesome. And angst about charas who want to get together but don't because It Isn't Meant To Be. And sex equated with death, although that one's usually intentional so you'd have to dig deeper to find it. Obscurantism is my pap, stylistics my pacifier. ^_^ !SuperCat, now, she writes about the way perfection (more precisely, lack of human weakness) damages the people who have to live with it, or around it. Lisa deals with the corrupting influence of sex/love on power, and vice-versa. Or maybe she just really likes the Mizi Xia story; how am I to know?

The weirdest bit here is the voyeurism. It's there all right, but I don't know why. It's not really how I relate to yaoi: I don't picture myself looking in on these boys from a keyhole or anything... Maybe it's how I relate to *writing* yaoi, because I get *very* embarrassed if I can't maintain proper authorial distance. (The difference between R and NC-17, for me, is that an R-fic doesn't make me want to hide in a hole when someone tells me they read and liked it.) Anyhow it's a point to consider.

Sunday, November 26, 2000
11:00 p.m.

Draco Malfoy and Text-Inspired Slash

(Mini-essay alert. Aren't I glad I set the base font to 1.)

See, I think I get this thing with Draco Malfoy now. It's really a combination of several impetus. There's the 'aite' aspect which the Japanese love - but that in itself doesn't account for everything. (Seifer Almasy's aite but so's Jinnai of El Hazard, and if anyone writes Jinnai-yaoi... Actually, if anyone's written Jinnai-yaoi, send me the story. With the essays I write nowadays, all bizarreties are declarable as research. :P) Plus he's what I like to call a Take-Him-Down-A-Notch Uke. As in, "Ya know, dat Eminem dude needs some'un to shove a cock up his ass. Jus'ta take'im down a notch." A *large* yet oft-overlooked category, perhaps because such ukes display a wide range of behavior: what they have in common being more the personality type of the canon chara, and the reaction of the fans. One of the good things about Y/S is that it allows mild and unassuming girls some very elaborate revenge fantasies - but that's potentially a whole other essay.

Back to our patates, or Malfoy as it were. The third and possibly most interesting aspect of HP-slash's proclivity for Malfoy - the one I'm most interested in discussing - is this: *Rowlings never said he wasn't a bishounen.* ^_^;

I mean, not that she ever said he *was* a bishounen. Smart as the woman is, that word's probably not in her vocabulary. But... her physical descriptions tend to the scant side. Malfoy's an important secondary character, but all she gave was a vague thumbnail sketch of a blond, pale, rather aristocratically skinny boy - and fandom went ahead and did the rest. To read some of these stories you'd think he was related to Fleur by way of the Velas.

Yes but, you note, this is *slash* we're talking here. Why should this point be worthy of interest?

Well, there's this: since when has slash ever dealt with bishounen?

The easy answer is 'never'. Not in the strict sense of the word. For the good reason that no slashy chara on the telly *ever* approached a proper shoujo-anime bishounen in looks, and 98% of'em don't approach in age either. M/A and XanderSlash are about as close as one gets in that respect, and whammo what do we have? The Chan-Slash Controversy. It's to despair of sometimes. Yet *now* we have a happy bunch of HP-slashers straight out of the proverbial woodwork, pairing up the Griffindors right and left with occasional forays into Slytherin, and not a scruple in sight. I mean sure, a number of them jack the characters up to the sixth form, but that's sophistry! ^_^ It's still the canonical 14-yr-olds that are inspiring the stories, just as it's the fifth-grader Suoh's protectiveness and blushing re Nokoru that does it for the yaoistas, and never mind if they *actually* end up pairing the grown-up versions in X. Let's not lose sight of first causes here. Plus, there's some that never state the ages at all, and let the readers picture whatever they want.

In fact, that there is the key to the whole rigmarole. *The reader gets to picture what she wants.* It's different from TV slash, where you're more or less obliged to see the actors, and animanga yaoi, where the pretty pictures are laid out for you and no surprises. Which means... that Y/S fandoms based on novels are a different beast again. What about them?

Well, we already know what the Japanese do. They see manga bishounen in their heads and draw as such, obviously. The surprise is that Western fans of a novel would instinctively see bishounen as well. No surprise that a number of Anne Rice fans have segued into Harry Potter: I've always thought of AR specdom as being a yaoi domain before the word gained North American currency, but assumed it had to do with the Ricester's goth aesthetic in itself. Now I'm wondering if the experience doesn't generalize.

Any conclusions to be drawn so far?

Perhaps not, actually. It's another page in the annals of how (I'm convinced) the slash and yaoi sensibilities are converging. Barring Rowlings siccing lawyers - always a possibility - HP slash is set to explode in popularity as the main charas go through their full-bishie mid-teens, but even so it's only one fandom. The sample's not big enough to say. The counterargument could be made, after all, that HP got the manga approach by virtue of what it is: a work of intelligent young-teen literature popular with grown-up otaku. ^_^ And I haven't even started on the biseinen characters from James's generation (none of which got married and had kids except Lucius Malfoy :P), not to mention Remus Lupin, God-given classy uke, who in himself should be enough to make the dirty-minded anti-HP-crusaders suspicious...

No, I'm not going to find it too hard to follow. All in the name of research, of course. :)

Thursday, November 23, 2000
11:55 p.m.

The Ricester Strikes Back

I've been reading too much lately. I sat in Indigo the day before yesterday wading all through Saul Bellow's latest. Today I performed my semi-annual duty and read the most recent Anne Rice - "Merrick" - and rather liked it, to my persisting astonishment. Mind you, going into a book with such rock-bottom expectations is a luxury for me nowadays. :P I figured there'd be retread at best, and yet more ludicrous religio-metaphysical crud at worst. I haven't been wholeheartedly fond of a Ricester book since "Queen of the Damned," really, not even "Armand" which at least had the merits of take-no-prisoners purple prose and candy S&M. (Relative merits. Like I said, rock-bottom expectations.)

I don't love "Merrick", either. But it *wasn't* boring, and it *wasn't* a re-write of something she'd thrashed out in a previous book, and it *wasn't* stupid. I realize that last will probably be contested. But out of all the reasons why I read Anne Rice, one of the most important and that I forget most often is that (just like Minami Ozaki!) she makes me laugh. My sense of humor is twisted enough that Louis or David making bloody-well idiots of themselves over a girl strikes me as exceedingly funny. I laughed all through the last fifty pages or so, excepting the usual Bitchy Claudia Section. (Samurai Golitzinsky had a good line re Claudia today. He said, "Of *course* she rants. Here's a five-year-old with no time to develop humanity yet" - he means this in the V:tM sense - "who gets raised by a psycho and a whiner. What's a rant but a cross between a psychosis and a whine?" ^^;)

Of course, this demands that the girl in question not be a washout at least. By now I'm resigned to the Ricester sticking Mary Sues into her books, and as her Mary Sues go Merrick is the most successful one. Dora can duke it out with Relena Peacecraft for the nadir, but I actually didn't mind M. being gorgeous and clever and all-powerful and the whole shit shebang. Dunno why. Maybe because she's a lush. Or a semi-visible minority, though PC isn't exactly AR's strong suit. Maybe it's as simple as the fact that I *like* spunky female Talamasca investigators. I liked Jesse a lot. I'd be a spunky Talamascan if I could, and the fact that they come to bad ends doesn't faze me in the least. :)

So, basically, Rice delivers on plot, and as she'd been convinced somehow to leave out the alternative theologies, pacing came with it. I actually found myself reading out of genuine curiosity to know what happened next. It helps that I like the X-Files atmosphere she's able to conjure when she writes about spirits. (Why don't I read the Mayfair books, you ask? Damn good question.)

And no, I don't happen to mind David Talbot staring down this underage chick's dress every thirty seconds. My da's a painter. I grew up with naked pictures of gnarly Chinese farmers, pubescent girls, my mother, you name it, all lying around the house. I'm one of those people who thinks getting whistled at is good clean fun.

Tuesday, November 21, 2000
02:00 p.m.

Arbiter Elegantiae

Remiel-heika is a darling, and I don't mean to imply that he's anything like Nero because he's not - he has a sense of irony and more hair ^_^ - but at this juncture I can either declare myself Poppaea or Petronius, both for the usual reasons, and I suppose Petronius it would have to be. More Roman notes: I made Ioana-dear read Wilder (she said she was going to send me hate mail for giving her that book on the day before a quiz), and now she's named her new pet tiger Julius. Julius Bassoon, that is, to bring in the requisite orchestra reference. :P Ye gods alive, Wilder's making a good run for the title of Official Writer of the Concealed Games. According to Jeanne, he was gay - and had a mustache - and studied Roman archaeology! "Gladiator" doesn't cut it in the least...

Sunday, November 19, 2000
03:22 a.m.


One tequila, one sherry, on rum now. *^_^* I know I'm not the only one who drinks while she writes; it's just such tiresome, obsessive, nerve-inducing work... Of course when it's going well it's a high unto itself, but that's rare. Yet I think I'm so addiction-prone that I keep on writing just for that - and for comments of course. Always for comments. The times when my favorite authors mail me count among the happiest days of my life, and that's no joke.

I sent out the third part of Demi 2 to YSML tonight. Do you know, I suspect that my fans fall into categories "Folks Who Like Demi" and "Others"? ^^; Certainly it doesn't feature any of the abstraction or allusiveness people keep telling me is the hallmark of my work. (Which I guess is true. I hate obviousness. What's the good of a story that *tells* you everything that's going on? :P)

Friday, November 17, 2000
03:32 a.m.

Ave Caesar

I've had very little sleep lately (so what else is new? she cries), and I finally bit the bullet and read Thornton Wilder's "Ides of March" because absolutely *everyone everyone* has been raving about it. And yes, it's a positive epitome of the Sabina-Book, being witty and about Romans. ^-^ Wilder-san gives it with both barrels. But there it is - for the next 24hrs I was completely unproductive, except for a good half-dozen 10k+ Shioul ML posts of an English-major confessionality. At least I rallied at the end of the day to work on my fic. I think I'll go to bed before I become a positive menace to society...

Sleep well and pip-pip!

Wednesday, November 15, 2000
01:27 a.m.

I got a PS2! ^_^v

Had a good day. One homework extension, one problem removed from the set due on Thursday, stayed awake during all my classes... and when I got home found out that my mother (whom we'd asked to get us a memory card at Wal-Mart) had instead come home with a console. >^_^< Not that I have anything to play but the same old saved game of FF8, but hey. It means I'll be able to start FF9 for Xmas! Sabina-chan wa shi.a.wa.se...

Monday, November 13, 2000
11:10 p.m.

Treading Water

My midterms don't count for much. So far I've two A's, a B+, a B and a squeaker of an A in Japanese (the questions are in Japanese so I keep on forgetting bits >_<). The first three shouldn't be too much of a problem; the fourth... :/ Every semester there's always something that goes down the drain, because... well, because my fics start taking precedence over my course of least interest. :P I've calculated that the self-inflicted writing and readings I do over the course of a semester come out to the equivalent of an extra English class. So maybe it's wrong of me to say that I don't take humanities anymore...?

Regardless, there's another bit of the FF7 fic done. Slow but steady, people! ^_^ Dunno if I'll make it for the fic contest deadline, though...

I've been thinking of sending in "Demi". If I do it'll be at the last moment, because I don't want to take it off my site. People love that story. Darn it, don't you realize that I wrote it with the opportunistic and low-common-denominator intention of pleasing as many people as possible? ^_^;;

Saturday, November 11, 2000
03:10 a.m.

Sekai no Hade made

I've been watching Utena again. I honestly think it's the best anime of all time, in that the story could not have been told any other way *but* through anime... The complexity of the visual symbolism goes well beyond mere mimicking of reality in exploiting the native artistry of the genre. Ikuhara-sama, undeniably insane though he may be, is a god. ^_^

So the next NoY layout will likely be Utena, because it's overdue. Dios, I think. Not Akio, because then my own uebupeeji'd be giving me deep-seated Jungian anxieties. If there's one character in anime that pisses me off, it would have to be Akio. I mean, just when you thought sex was a healthy natural activity for empowered women, along he comes and puts the dirt right back into it. -_- (And makes one like it, may I add, because even I-the-Viewer am constantly torn between yelling at Utena, "Slap him! Slap the asshole!" and "Grab Touga for a threesome!")

Wednesday, November 8, 2000
06:18 p.m.

"Hayaku tsutaetakute / Umaku hanasenakute"

("Can't Stop Love," by Two-Mix. I can't get over this song. It's so disco. ^_^)

So how was election day, minna-san? :P Do hope you went out and voted, though apparently turnout was enormous so no worries on that point... Yes, I'm Canadian, but we care, you know. Morbidly so. We're having our own elections soon, and our choices are almost as appetizing as yours were. >_< (Ye gods, no spoilers or anything, but I almost see why Esthar voted the way they did for nearly twenty years...)

Yet another page in the FF7 fic done! Yay!

Wednesday, November 8, 2000
01:24 a.m.

"...And this salaryman is staring down my fuku."

It occurs to me - yes, I'm still on the Metaphysics Of The Blog trip - that the existence of one of these things presupposes a page maintainer who's on the net at least once a day. Preferably more than twice. Yours truly qualifies (being in the 3-4 accesses a day range when at school), but... doesn't that say something about the way our lives work, girls and boys? Wowee...

In Japan, of course, it gets worse/better, because they have DoCoMos. Imagine what a webmistress like yours truly could do with a blog and a DoCoMo. "Right now I'm riding the JR to school..." It'd be live video feed, but a helluva lot more literary.

Tuesday, November 7, 2000
01:19 p.m.

"Help me, I can't log out!"

...No kidding, I've been having this problem with my school account for the longest time. Despite the fact that I've *erased* all the Guniw Tools and CCS mp3s thank you, the system inexplicably insists that I've exceeded my profile storage space. >.< And it's not as if I can delete them a second time. Gods, you'd think half a Bachelor's of Comp Sci would come in useful at times, but what good does a max flow algorithm do me here?

Currently listening to Two-Mix's "BPM Cube" CD I got off a friend. Heavy-duty dance remix action going on here, guys... a definite buy if you can find it, especially with the "International" release ("Truth, a Great Detective of Love" in English, anyone?)

Tuesday, November 7, 2000
12:30 a.m.

"If a page goes up on the net and no one downloads..."

Already this is getting futile. I keep on wanting to write in this thing, and damned if I don't have better sense, seeing as it's not even linked from my main page yet. I'm accumulating the detritus of webmistressing like mad, 'sooth. The only justification I have for my behaviour is that, if my beloved fickers had 'bloggers, I'd read them constantly. I like very much to blather about my own writing, too, but I don't know if it's good for me. May drain the energy of the work at hand.

...But let's not think about that, right? ^_^ The FF7 fic is turning into a nasty piece of work, and I know I say that about everything but trust me... this. I'm trying come hell or high water to keep it R-rated, not for sex but for language of all things. Midgar Noir meets 'Nam err Wutai memoir meets sexual deconstructionist of your choice in a battle for Sa-chan's stylistic allegiance, not to mention Rufus Shinra's actual soul. Aha, just kidding there, because I no longer have the heart to be as nasty to him as I wanted to be. It's a long time since I played the game, and wounds have healed. :P

Monday, November 6, 2000
08:09 a.m.

Nikutai no Yume

I don't know how to use this. I *don't* know how to use this. I've gotten two hours of sleep and I can't figure out how to hold the newspaper right side up at the moment, which is surely why I've actually signed up for one of these. Boy, is this whole weblogger idea an exercise in webmaster megalomania or what? ^^; I want to tell ye all about the evolution of the charming little FF7 fic I'm writing (Sephie x Rufus Web TV! All the time!), but I do have to go to class. Even though I'm a quarter hour late. Perhaps later, once I've understood how the blogger works.